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Together we will… develop a plan to work towards our goals

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“More young people are being diagnosed with cancer. We are beating the disease and surviving, but what does that mean for our future? As we transition from being patients to survivors, our needs change, but we still need support. Instead of radiation and chemo, we need rehabilitation and counselling to regain our productive years.”

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This 4-year plan is truly Ontario’s cancer plan.

More than 560 collaborators, including Regional staff, healthcare agencies, clinicians and care providers across the province, and for the first time, patients and families, joined Cancer Care Ontario at the planning table at every stage.

Also for the first time, we consulted with an international panel of cancer and health system experts. We studied and reviewed our own performance, and strategies and practices from around the world.

Six key themes emerged, which have become the goals of this cancer plan: Quality of Life and Patient Experience , Safety , Equity , Integrated Care , Sustainability and Effectiveness .  

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