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Together we will... transform cancer care in Ontario

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“I want cancer patients and their families to know that they had a voice at the table as Cancer Care Ontario developed this plan. The patient and family advisors really made a difference in determining how cancer services are going to be provided over the next four years. Listening to patients—putting them at the centre of care—is a culture change that needs to spread across the healthcare system.”

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This Ontario Cancer Plan focuses on 6 goals. These goals were arrived at through extensive consultation with many stakeholders including patients, families and healthcare providers all across the province. (See About this Plan to read more about how the plan was created.)

These goals cut across the cancer care continuum so that no matter what stage a person is at—prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivorship or end-of-life—their needs will be addressed by the goals and initiatives of this plan.

  • Quality of life and patient experience: Ensure the delivery of responsive and respectful care, optimizing individuals’ quality of life across the cancer care continuum
  • Safety: Ensure the safety of patients and caregivers in all care settings
  • Equity: Ensure health equity for all Ontarians across the cancer system
  • Integrated care: Ensure the delivery of integrated care across the cancer care continuum
  • Sustainability: Ensure a sustainable cancer system for future generations
  • Effectiveness: Ensure the provision of effective cancer care based on best evidence